C-Art means to teach players about contemporary art movements by guiding them through a virtual museum, rendered in Unity 3D. It’s not exactly a learning game so much as it is a work of contemporary art itself, but that doesn’t mean players can’t learn from it all the same.Players can encounter digital versions of physical art pieces. They can explore Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Installation Art, Pop Art, and Video Art, among others; each “wing” of the museum has a description of its respective movement, and each piece of art has a tag with the artist’s name, title, and year.

What sets C-Art apart from a typical “virtual museum tour” on a website is that some pieces have mini-games attached to them. Artworks with a star will allow players to interact with the work. For example, in a Franz Kline painting, you can play a Flappy Bird clone with textures based on Kline’s artworks.

Personally I would like there to be a great deal more information on the artworks included, but if you’re interested you can try it out here. It might be a good resource for art history students.

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