The immensely popular Angry Birds game will get its first official sequel. Angry Birds 2 will be released on July 30. I know what you’re thinking. This is a sequel? What about all the gazillion different versions out there? Aren’t those sequels? No, apparently not. Since the original game, which launched in 2009, there have been 11 spinoffs. Some of these feature movie licenses (like Angry Birds Rio), others change up the environment (like Angry Birds Space).

Rovio, the company that makes Angry Birds, posted the announcement of the sequel on their website on July 16. “With 3 billion game downloads, millions of fans across the globe, multiple mashups and spin-offs, collaborations with A-list celebrities and much more, we’re really proud that Angry Birds is the mother of all mobile game apps. And now we’re proud to announce the mother of all sequels—Angry Birds 2! All of us here at Rovio can’t wait to show our fans what we’ve been cooking up! We’re SUPER excited.”

Saying Angry Birds is the “mother of all” mobile game apps isn’t far from the truth. After its release, it seemed to spread like wildfire throughout the populace. To me, it looked like everyone who had a smart phone was playing Angry Birds. I’ll admit it. I got sucked in as well, though I didn’t play it for very long. But it’s hard not to admire the fact that just about everyone knows what Angry Birds is. They’re everywhere. Clothing, Halloween costumes, stuffed toys, backpacks…You name it, the birds are on it. My daughter even found some Angry Birds-themed Easter Eggs during our egg hunt this year. And that’s not all. LEGO sets and even an animated movie about the birds are currently in development.

There’s a teaser trailer for Angry Birds 2 (check it out above), but it doesn’t tell us much. We just see some real pigs pushing around boxes on a beach. Maybe Angry Birds 2 will be live action? We can only speculate.

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