We’ve been hearing rumors and whispers (well, announcements) about Thatgamecompany’s Journey coming to PlayStation 4 for some time now, but it’s official—mostly—and it’ll be this July.

Journey is a truly beautiful game. Guest author Emmett Scout wrote about it on Pixelkin:

“Journey is an unusual game. A deeply emotional, spiritual, and nonviolent indie creation, it broke sales records on the PlayStation Network when it was released in 2012, won numerous awards, and received a Grammy nomination for its soundtrack. The game follows a nameless, cloaked figure in its pilgrimage to a distant mountain across the desert. The setting is almost post-apocalyptic; the player character travels through the ruins of civilization, learning the history of the land and the civil war that destroyed it along the way… it’s the player’s perseverance in the face of certain death that underlines what Journey has to offer: not a power fantasy, but an analog to the struggles of small, individual people to overcome things much greater than themselves.”

Journey was released in March 2012 for the PlayStation 3. Critics generally loved the game. It has won many awards, including several Game of the Year awards in 2012.

While only a few hours long, Journey is a game we can’t recommend enough. (Most of my friends have played it multiple times, with tears.) Journey is rated E for Everyone.

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