Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order—the dev team behind Cities: Skylines—recently spoke with TechRadar about an upcoming expansion for the city-planning game. Cities: Skylines has been hailed as the game that’s replaced Sim City. It managed to sell more than one million copies by just one month after release, despite coming a bit out of left field. Players have built thousands of mods.

In the game, players build highways and waterways, designate districts, and make sure their people have adequate social services in a mission to create a high-functioning city. (Or very, very low-functioning, if you’re me. My only achievement so far is “World’s Worst Mayor.”) You also have to make sure your city can make enough money to survive. You’ll deal with issues like traffic congestion, bad zoning, and neighborhoods where some would like more shopping opportunities nearby even if it means their neighbors might get bulldozed.

Hallikainen told TechRadar that Colossal Order might be looking at a number of additions to Cities: Skylines—including natural disasters, seaside attractions, zoos, and yes, zombies. They’ll be announcing the details at Gamescon in August.

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