The leak of what is potentially the next Skylanders title came from an unexpected source: the Instagram of motocross rider Travis Pastrana.

The post has long since been deleted, but Pastrana indicated he was “filming” for Skylanders Superchargers over the weekend of May 5th. Whether this leak was planned or an accident, it’s an interesting clue to what we can expect from the next Skylanders game.

My theory? We’ll be seeing vehicles coming to the Skylands. The last game, Skylanders: Trap Team, introduced traps that you could purchase to capture villains. Buying vehicles for your Skylanders figurines seems like a solid next step for the franchise.

Or maybe Pastrana was just doing some voice acting. Time will tell. Either way, there’s certain to be a Skylanders game in our futures. Activision has been publishing the series annually since the release of Skylanders: Spyro Adventure in 2011.

If you’re concerned about the commercialization of the series, you’re not alone. I reviewed Skylanders: Trap Team and was pleasantly surprised at how fun the game was to play, even without buying all the added content. Plus, the Skylanders are high-quality toys. You can bet that no matter what extras you have to buy, they’re going to be fun to play with even outside the game itself.

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