Hey everyone! Some Universal theme parks could be getting Nintendo attractions! I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted a Nintendo theme park basically forever so let’s hope that the new attractions aren’t just at Universal Studios Japan.

News gets even better for Nintendo fans looking forward to Splatoon, the upcoming paintball shooter. Before the release of the game you can play free demos on May 8th and 9th—at select times. Each demo will be open for an hour. Over the summer Nintendo will be releasing new weapons, maps, and game modes for Splatoon for free. It sounds like there’s gonna be a lot of value to getting this game, and we’re really excited to play it on May 29th.

Parents out there who don’t understand Minecraft—we’ve got your back. With all its complicated crafting systems and super-simplistic graphics, Minecraft can be kind of impenetrable for non-gamers. Not only did we publish a Minecraft 101 piece for the clueless parent, but we found a clueless parent. And we made him play Minecraft. Check out that long, embarrassing video linked here.

Foundry10 is an awesome Seattle organization that helps kids explore their hobbies—from dance to robotics to game design. I got a chance to talk to Lisa Castaneda and Tom Swanson of foundry10 about their programs and the awesome stuff that kids can learn from making games. And it’s not just coding. Check out that video and article for more.

The Power of Play conference happens in Bellevue next weekend! If you’re an aspiring game dev, this is a great event to hit up; there will be an indie game jam there with devs competing for a $2,500 prize. Pixelkin will also be there, so stay tuned for our further coverage of the Power of Play, and learn more about it at Pixelkin.org.

That’s it for this week! Remember Light Fall, the platformer game I loved from PAX East? They just launched their Kickstarter. Check it out at the link here, and have a great weekend!


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