Hey everyone! Welcome back to your family gaming news. Today we have…more amiibo. The new ones come out in May, but don’t worry, because you can already reserve them at stores. And more good news: some of them are store-exclusive. You’ll find Ness at GameStop, Jigglypuff at Target, and Greninja at Toys-R-Us. Pre-orders are live in all of these stores for these amiibo and the rest of the new wave. What more can I say.

Is your Xbox sucking all the power out of your house? The National Resources Defense Council put out a report last year that detailed how much power our consoles use. And it’s…a lot. The Xbox One in particular has a default Instant-On mode that accounts for 40% of its power use each year. Luckily there’s an easy fix—go to Startup settings and select energy-saving mode. Now buy yourself something nice with all the money you saved.

Have you ever tried to catch up with family or friends and been unable to remember any of the cool stuff you’ve been doing? This week Keezy Young wrote about using games to stay in touch with loved ones. Sharing a game can lead to conversations about deeper life stuff and help you get closer without all the awkward pauses. Check out that article at Pixelkin.

Let’s be honest about something. People can be really judgmental about video games. Especially if you’re a parent who lets your kids play. There are a lot of dirty secrets about parenting. One is that basically every kid plays video games. But how do you explain that to the judgy person who doesn’t get it? Linda Breneman has 9 tips for defending your kids’ love of games–and maybe converting the naysayers while you’re at it. Read more here!

Speaking of things that parents don’t understand, even if you are a gamer, you might not get the appeal of Let’s Plays–AKA, watching videos of people playing games. Fear not. Your Let’s Play 101 guide is here. From the basics–what is a Let’s Play?–to why kids like them and what you should watch out for, we have the answers. Check out that list linked here!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Emerald City Comicon last week. It was great to meet people, and a special thanks to the three winners of our Amazon gift card raffle! You lucky ducks. Subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you next week, for more family gaming news.

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