Last year we got to collect Pokemon on Google Maps. This year? Pac Man!

In one of our favorite April Fool’s jokes, Google Maps has made the world into a Pac Man game. “Players” can navigate the streets as Pac Man, eating up dots and avoiding ghosts, just like in the original game. To play, just go to and click the box at the bottom of the screen. And don’t worry—if you’re less interested in 8-bit dots and more interested in how best to get to grandmother’s house, just click the other box and switch back to the normal map.

According to Forbes, some of the best places to play are the roundabout in Washington D.C., Boston, and Phoenix in the U.S., and Brussels, Milan, and Paris in Europe. I also enjoyed the map in Hong Kong quite a bit. Once April Fool’s Day is over, you won’t get to play Google Maps Pac Man anymore, so check it out while you still can!

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