Hey everybody, welcome back to another week of gaming news. Nintendo is coming to a phone near you with their first foray into mobile gaming. This is huge because Nintendo isn’t just remaking old titles. No, they’re partnering with another company called DeNA to make all-new games. There’s very little word yet on how or if these mobile games will tie into Nintendo’s other console games, or what their payment model will be. We’ll keep you posted.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board is also diving into mobile games this week—by expanding its rating service to cover them. Currently every mobile store is doing its own thing—but this expansion is part of bringing every platform together under one ratings system, called the International Age Rating Coalition. Google Play and the Firefox Marketplace already use it, and it’ll be rolling out to Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox in the future. Here’s to clarity!

Life is Strange is a game about living as a teenager who can rewind time—and for adults, it’s a unique opportunity to remember what it was like to be a teenager: with all the sometimes-trivial, and sometimes life-changing problems that teens face. In her editorial, Keezy Young talks about looking back on those problems and understanding why teenagers act the way they do. I would read this article out loud to you, it’s that good, but I think I’d run out of time. So check it out at here.

Online safety is a big concern for everyone, but especially parents whose kids use the internet. Megan Peters has a handy-dandy list of ways you can help kids stay safe online. Talking to them about bullying is part of that—and making sure that they know what good online behavior looks like. Check out the list here.

Have you been to MineCon, the official Minecraft convention? It’s happening in London this July, and tickets are going on sale Friday, March 27th. Previous Minecons have been in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Paris. You can find the tickets at minecon.mojang.com. They cost about $194 for two days. Wow.

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