Hi Pixelkiners! Happy Valentine’s Day weekend. Or as I call it, Happy Birthday, Mom! If you’re looking for games to play together this weekend, read Andrew Hayward’s list of 7 co-op iPad games. Yep, games you can play with friends and family on the same iPad. From Fruit Ninja to Gasketball (the only game better than basketball), he’s got you covered.

If you’re as into quiz games as I am, you’ll probably like hearing about how they’re used in classrooms. A free quiz website called Kahoot! is changing the way teachers give quizzes. With Kahoot! you can make personalized quizzes and take them using your smart phone as the controller. Everyone selects their answers on their phones, the scores show up on the screen, and you’ve got yourself a fun, competitive quiz on your hands. We tested it out in the office and the results were…well, I won, so I loved it. Check out that video and learn more about Kahoot! in Linda Breneman’s story.

We’ve got a really personal story up on Pixelkin this week, from a man who realized his daughter was using The Sims to work through her fears about her family breaking up. Gaming can be a positive way to explore things that make us uncomfortable or afraid. Jerry Bonner learned a lot about his daughter’s feelings by talking to her about her gaming, and it inspired him to work on his marriage. Read more about this story by clicking on the link.

Today is the release of the New Nintendo 3DS XL and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D! Spend the weekend sequestering yourself far from your loved ones for 72 hours in honor of Majora’s Mask. And look out for Courtney’s review on Pixelkin next week.

That’s it for now! Last year we made some geeky valentines for gamers, and the good news is that they’re timeless. So go print those out right now and give them to the special people in your life.

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