Hello Pixelkiners! You know we’re all for reading the ESRB’s content descriptors before you buy a game. They’re usually a pretty good indication of what you can expect, especially if you have tiny impressionable minds running around your house. But what the heck is partial nudity, and what’s the difference between sexual themes, suggestive themes, and sexual content? Keezy Young breaks it all down in this week’s installment of her video games and sex series. One of the great points she brings up is that there’s a difference between nudity and sexually suggestive nudity. To learn more about how to distinguish between ESRB content descriptors, check out her full article linked below.

I love playing games with my friends, but when a big group of us get together it can be kinda hard to find something we all like. Lots of families have the same problem—not every game is built for more than two people, and not every game is fun for everyone. In order to make it easier to find games for your next family game night, I put together a list of games that support three or more players, and they’re all family-appropriate too. Don’t miss reading that full list so that no one gets left out next time you play together.

Independent games, or indie games, are bigger now than they’ve ever been. I mean, the ubiquitous Minecraft started as an indie game. If something that big can be indie, then what does indie even mean? Nathan Meunier has written up the ultimate guide to indie games—if you’re new to gaming but want to take advantage of some of the most creative, interesting games out there, this is a great place to start.

Video games can actually be used to treat kids with ADHD. Dr. Randy Kulman, a psychologist from Learning Works for Kids, discusses how sports games especially can help kids with ADHD get the exercise they need to stay focused. Read more about ways new tech can treat ADHD on the site.

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