Hello Pixelkiners, and Happy Halloween! While you’re enjoying your candy stash, why not check out what you missed this week in family gaming?

Last weekend I did the Extra Life gaming marathon–playing games for 24 hours to raise money for children’s hospitals. Well, I’m still recovering from that, but I learned some valuable information for first-time Extra Lifers. While the experience was difficult for me, Extra Life was a definite success this year, with gamers raising over 5 million dollars for children’s hospitals. If you’d like to learn more about it, visit Extra-dash-life.org. Want to prepare for your own gaming marathon? Read my story for the 101 of basically what not to do.

Moon Hunters is an upcoming game from Kitfox Games, the creators of Don’t Starve. Our own Courtney Holmes got a chance to ask the creative director Tanya Short some questions about the game. Short talks about how games helped her socialize as a teen growing up in a rural home, and how she hopes that Moon Hunters will help players bond through cooperative play. Read the full interview on our site.

Pokemon Art Academy is a new release for the 3DS. If you’re looking for drawing 101, this is your game. Art Academy teaches you how to make simple shapes by tracing Pokemon, but it also gives you some free rein to make your own art, and decently powerful tools to do so. Our own Art Director Keezy Young was impressed with how well it serves as an introduction to digital art–it can teach young artists how to use layers, and how to draw shapes to build a character. Read more about what she thought in our review.

Finally, Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved was released, and we are in love. It’s a rhythm game that allows you to play conductor–moving your arms in time with the music. You can also cast spells that let you alter the track–basically adding your own twist on the song that you’re playing. Fantasia: Music Evolved has a great mix of classical and modern music, and is a definite must-buy if you have an Xbox with Kinect.

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