In August, Disney Interactive announced that their popular kids’ game Disney Infinity would be free on the Wii U. Now it’s also a free download for the PC, but that may not be the most important news for parents. With this version, you don’t need to buy the $75.00 Starter Pack to begin playing. Instead, you can access free demos of the Play Sets as well as Toy Box 2.0. The Toy Box is game mode that lets players make and share their own levels.  Now players on any system (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii U) can play together online.

This announcement appears to fit into an ongoing strategy to build Disney Infinity’s fan base. The growing list of product offerings includes:

  • Free downloads of the basic game
  • Data-storing toys and Play Sets, including some of Marvel’s and Disney’s most popular characters
  • Cross-platform play and different play modes to appeal to all kinds of players
  • In-game purchase of costumes, toys, and upgrades
  • Special features, such as Daily Challenges and now a Friend Recruitment Program

All these features make Disney Infinity a good game, but they also make the game expensive—especially if you want to keep up with your friends. With Starter Packs ranging from $24.99 to $129.99, Toy Box games starting at $9.99, and a wide range of purchasable characters and extras, Disney Infinity can end up being far from free.

It’s a fun game though, with lots of characters we love. You should just know what you might be getting into—and set a budget—before you decide whether it’s okay to download that first free game.


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