Grail to the Thief, a choose-your-own adventure game suitable for visually impaired players, is now officially available for download! It was created by game company For All To Play and successfully funded via Kickstarter back in May.

Grail to the Thief stars Hank Krang, an adventurous criminal who has won a talking time machine named TEDI in a game of poker. Naturally, Hank decides to use TEDI to plunder the fabled riches of the past, starting with the Holy Grail.

The game takes inspiration from classics like “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and “Time Bandits.” It uses text trees to create an interactive audio adventure that is designed to be highly accessible for all kinds of players. Accessible gaming is an issue that affects millions of people. One in five gamers has a disability, and yet many game studios don’t address the simple problems that prevent people from accessing their content.

The game makers at For All To Play were inspired to make Grail to the Thief when they realized how scant the options are for blind gamers. Audio adventure games are relatively easy to produce and are a ton of fun for everyone, so it just makes sense to create more of them.

If you’re curious about the game or just want to support a good cause, you can check it out right now for $5.00 on their official website, or play the prototype for free.

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