When you think about it, not too many books have been made into video games. Sure, there are a number of Alice in Wonderland games, and the independently produced The Great Gatsby  flash game earned a brief spot in the limelight after going viral a couple of years ago. And let’s not forget the successful Nancy Drew video game series by Her Interactive, which is produced in our neighbor city of Bellevue, Washington.

But the longer I think about it, the more I start wondering why the heck books aren’t adapted more often. Not only would these games encourage kids to go back and read the source material, game developers would also have a plethora of excellent material to work with, ready and waiting.

Here are my top six picks for books that should be video games.


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Courtney is Pixelkin's Associate Managing Editor. While working with the Girl Scouts of Northern California, she mentored young girls in teamwork, leadership, personal responsibility, and safety. Today, she spends her time studying adolescent development and using literary analysis techniques to examine video games.