Trinket StudiosBattle Chef Brigade is still a game in progress (set to launch sometime this year), but we’re pretty excited about it. For families who like cooking games and humor—but aren’t quite willing to sacrifice the monster-conquering—Battle Chef Brigade could be the answer. Monsters will be the seasoning to every tasty dish; players will throw knives to slice and dice the ingredients and roast their creations using fire magic.


Trinket Studios is the product of a bunch of guys who left Disney in search of a game-making outlet that allowed them more creativity—”small games with big character.” They wanted to release Battle Chef Brigade on Steam instead of using the mobile free-to-play model, mostly for those same reasons; the team was unwilling to sacrifice design for monetization.

We like the fact that Mina, the main chef, is a woman, and that she looks pretty badass. You can check out some gifs of her whipping up  some cooking magic here. The game’s style seems to be headed in an anime-esque direction, complete with gorgeous painted backgrounds.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this game.

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