It’s sometimes hard to find time to play games. But just in case you need encouragement, Conor Murphy of Big Fish Games has put together a sweet list of reasons to share gaming time with kids.

“There is no reason to think the same family bonding built around a Monopoly board or a deck of cards cannot happen around a laptop or an iPad,” says Murphy.

Murphy believes in the social and health benefits of gaming.

“Children who play games with their family learn how to collaborate with others to work toward a common goal,” he says. Teamwork is often encouraged in games, especially multiplayer games directed at younger children. Even more mature games like Call of Duty have teamwork components—allowing players to join teams and work together to defeat a common enemy.

Teamwork requires strategy, another point on Murphy’s list. “Games can improve problem solving skills,” he says. Players “learn a sense of strategy, cause and effect, and consequences for certain actions.”

With younger kids, this is a great place for parents to get involved. Parents can help ease frustration and build kids’ confidence.

Want more reasons to game with your kid? Check out Murphy’s “Five Reasons to Game Together,” and start thinking about what you want to play!

(Source: Big Fish Games)

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