Pixelkin wants to know what you have learned from video games. If you want to be featured in our upcoming video, email us a 10-30 second clip telling us your story. If your video is chosen, you will get a Pixelkin mug! One lucky fan will also be chosen to win a PlayStation Vita.


Here’s What You Should Do:

1. Film Yourself.

It doesn’t have to be complicated—use your webcam. In 10-30 seconds tell us what you’ve learned from video games. If you need help, email us and we’ll walk you through it. Keep it family appropriate!

2. Send it to us!

We’ll accept the following file formats: DV, HDV, MPEG 4, MOV and M4V. Email your video to admin@pixelkin.org by January 10th for a chance to be featured in the video! If you’ve got a social media profile you’d like credited in the video, be sure to include that too. We want to recognize you for your contributions. By sending us the video, you acknowledge that we have the right to use it for the purpose of making a compilation video and publishing it on our website.

We’ll be going through your videos and picking the best stories—the ones that make us laugh, the ones that blow our minds, the ones that make us cry—and we’ll put together a story that will bring together gamers everywhere.

In our eyes, that will be the best part: sharing that ways that video games have changed all our lives.


Summing it up:

Who: You!

What: A 10-30 second DV, HDV, MPEG 4, MOV or M4V video where you explain what video games taught you.

Where: Filmed anywhere, to be featured on pixelkin.org!

When: Send in your videos to admin@pixelkin.org by January 10, 2014.

Why: To share with gamers and parents all over the world. Also, you need more cool mugs.

What are you waiting for? Send us your videos right away!

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Simone de Rochefort is a game journalist, writer, podcast host, and video producer who does a prolific amount of Stuff. You can find her on Twitter @doomquasar, and hear her weekly on tech podcast Rocket, as well as Pixelkin's Gaming With the Moms podcast. With Pixelkin she produces video content and devotes herself to Skylanders with terrifying abandon.