Video games are our favorite topic at Pixelkin, but we like board games, too. A thread at investigates how to play board games with teenagers, and what kind of board games appeal to the teen crowd.

Some advice from experienced parents:

  • Teens are sensitive to unfair rules.
  • Let them select the game.
  • Have them invite their friends over to play with your family.
  • Don’t go easy on them. They’re old enough to see through it, and it’ll feel patronizing. (My extra advice: It’s okay to help them out when they’re struggling, though!)
  • Buy pizza on game night. Everybody loves pizza.

Finally, it seems that the golden rule in board gaming with teens is this:

  • Theme is more important than game mechanics.

In other words, go for the war games. Go for the manga characters. Go for fairy princess dreamtown if that’s what your 16-year-old son likes. They’ll be much more invested if it’s a theme they’re already interested in.

(Source: Board Game Geek)

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