Killzone: Shadow Fall, the new first-person shooter from the Killzone series, was released today. It is the 4th installment for console and the 6th overall. The game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, one of the first, since the PS4 came out earlier today.

Killzone is a series set in  post-nuclear setting. Humans have left Sol and colonized the two planets of Alpha Centauri, Helghan and Vekta (though Earth is also still in the picture). While Vekta is a lush and hospitable place, Helghan is the opposite; however, the latter is rich in resources. Helghan’s residents, who were forced off Vekta centuries ago, have mutated and can no longer live without gas masks and air processing tanks. They are faster and stronger than normal humans, and are no longer considered human themselves. The Helghast despise humanity because of their shared history. The series takes place during an ongoing war between the Helghast and the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA).

Killzone: Shadow Fall takes place 30 years after the last Killzone title, with shades of the Cold War conflict coloring the story. Helghan has been destroyed, and Vekta is accepting refugees from the planet, but tensions are bubbling over. The game is a slight departure in feel from the other titles in the series; quieter, more visually pleasing, and featuring a subtler storyline, the straight-forward action-y war zone feel of the previous games is gone.

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