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Violent Video Games Evoke Guilt and Sympathy in Players

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You’ve heard it all before: playing violent video games leads to violent behavior. Violent video games are bad for you. The same narrative gets repeated over and over, especially when something terrible happens in the world. There is probably some truth to all sides of the violence argument. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) was instituted in 1994 after early versions of Mortal Kombat caught the attention of legislators. Read More

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Why You Shouldn't Blame Video Games for Violence

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Exciting recent studies have shown that video games improve elderly brain functionaid teens struggling with depression, and increase mobility in physical therapy patients. Games could be considered a relatively untapped resource—they haven’t achieved the level of respect that films and literature have, but their potential to help people could be greater than both.

The reputation of video games, however, has been marred by conservative critique and media hysteria. Read More