[Review] Monopoly Family Fun Pack

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Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4
We played on: Xbox One

Monopoly has seen lots of digital versions over the years. My husband fondly recalls how he and his cousin hacked an old computer version in the early 80s so they could rename all of the properties. Now the iconic board game has made its way onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the form of the Monopoly Family Fun Pack, a compilation of three different games all centered around the family game-night favorite. Read More

[Review] Revolution 60

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Roleplaying games can enable us to do things only possible in our imagination. They can let us fly, conjure magic, or save the world. My favorite roleplaying games, however, are those that still keep us anchored to realism in some way. These games present us with no easy choices and with substantial consequences for choosing poorly.

Revolution 60 is a game that challenges players to move forward and make decisions while never knowing anything for certain. It is a game of making calculated risks and working with whatever the outcome may be. If you are looking for an accessible iOS game with solid sci-fi storytelling to share with your kids, Revolution 60 is the right candidate.

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