Twitch Plays Pokemon

The Ever-Popular Twitch Plays Now Have Their Own Directory

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A new directory will be dedicated to the famed “Twitch Plays” streams.

Twitch Plays really took off in 2014 with “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” which used an emulator that let users in the Twitch chat input commands. That meant that the entire chatroom of thousands was playing the game simultaneously, a chaotic process that took 16 days to complete.

Since then, more Pokemon games have been played collectively on Twitch, and the phenomenon has branched out too. Current Twitch Plays events include Twitch Plays Dark Souls and the Punch Club promo event–if Twitch can successfully beat Punch Club this month, TinyBuild will release the game early. And, of course, Twitch Plays Pokemon is still ongoing. Read More