Tech-Less Mom: Let’s Go Blow Up Some Worms

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This month, my editor at Pixelkin asked if I wanted to look for a game to review instead of being assigned one by her. Drunk with power, I searched through the recent PlayStation 4 releases until I found what I thought was a winner: Song of the Deep. It’s the story of a girl’s quest to find her father, and it looked beautiful. I presented it to my husband and my kids. Read More

Tech-Less Mom: Hippies and Beehives in Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure

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Ok, gang. Let’s talk about some hard-core dodgeball.

Stikbold is a single or local multiplayer game that gives the world what it’s been begging for: a video game about the lethal sport of dodgeball. More importantly, Stikbold is a way for our children to delight in throwing balls at each other’s heads without actually throwing balls at each other’s heads. If, like me, you have kids who frequently play the “let’s punch each other in the stomach” game, this is a gift. Read More