Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online—Fairly Progressive Game; Fairly Regressive Community

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Last month saw the release of Elder Scrolls Online on the PC and Mac platforms. Release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is set for later this year. Set in an era several centuries before Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online is the franchise’s first foray into the MMO arena. If you and/or your kids enjoyed adventures in Tamriel before, you might want to try Elder Scrolls Online to experience the game world together as a team. The game’s mechanics and character building have been streamlined to better fit into the multiplayer mode, but the gameplay is largely the same as Skyrim. Read More

Troll banner

Dousing the Flames: Five Ways to Cope With Trolls

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Editor’s Note: This piece was first published on The Next, a student-run media blog by UW Bothell.

Online harassment is an issue in many online communities—games are no exception. For that reason, Pixelkin believes in providing teens with the support and knowledge they need to navigate the online world. In this piece, Elliott White offers his own advice for gamers faced with harassment. Read More


Parents: Get Involved in Kids' Online Lives

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Want to know what kids are doing online? It’s crucial to be involved—and not the creepy, watching-over-their-shoulders-every-second kind of involved. Modern parents need to be nuanced and thoughtful when monitoring their kids’ lives.

Marianne Malmstrom, a teacher at the Elisabeth Morrow School, encourages parents to ask questions about what kids do online, and participate if they can. Kids “require supervision and guidance in virtual spaces,” Malmstrom says. These days, creating accounts and signing up for websites is easy. Read More