Games Make All Of Us Storytellers

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One of my favorite characters of all time is Varric Tethras, rogue dwarf and expert storyteller from the Dragon Age universe. Depending on who you ask, Varric is a liar and a scoundrel—or the best friend anyone could hope for. He has a heart of gold and a sharp wit, and he talks way too much. For me, the hardest moment in any of the three massive Dragon Age games wasn’t fighting a high dragon or trying to defeat my archenemy or even collecting every single one of those awful shards. It was the moment when I made Varric sad. A video game character! In fact, I had to return to a previous save and do it all over—that story, the story where Varric was heartbroken, wasn’t the one I wanted to tell. Read More

Four kids sit in a row; three are laughing, one seems unhappy and left out

New Research Shows That Kids Who Play Video Games Are More Social Than Those Who Don’t

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Think back to your middle- and high-school years. You’re in the cafeteria, or on the playground, or you’re waiting outside the classroom chatting with your your friends. Suddenly, the conversation takes a turn—and you’re floundering with your lack of knowledge on said subject. Your friends are laughing and making in-jokes, and you have absolutely no idea how to contribute to the conversation. You make an attempt to fake it, and all you receive is a bit of nervous laughter and, at worst, somebody scoffs. They turn away to continue the conversation without you, and you know you’ve just lost about a bajillion status points in this exchange. The isolation is palpable. Read More