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Cute of the Day: Tearaway Concept Art

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The team behind Tearaway just posted a new piece of the game’s concept art —the main character sleeping in a tent under a cloudy sky.

Tearaway came out back in November, but the team is still revealing new pieces of the creative process behind the game. Rex Crowle, the Creative Lead behind Tearaway, says the concept art represents the papery feel of the Tearaway world. “One of my favourite things is how the clouds seem to be casting a shadow on the sky—which gives it a very theatrical feel,” he wrote of Men Lu’s concept scene. “Its a representation of a sky, rather than a real sky!”

tearaway concept art

There are also a couple of adorable pictures of the team’s original concepts for main characters Iota and Atoi.

Tearaway was one of our favorite games this year (on the PS Vita), and it’s awesome to see how it grew from a sketch into a full-fledged paper world. Check out the rest of their concept art on Flickr.

All art is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and can be found on Media Molecule’s Flickr.

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Review: Tearaway: Scrappy Charm

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At this year’s PAX, I played a short game demo that stole my heart. Now, three months later, I’ve finally been able to play Media Molecule’s Tearaway. Somehow, after so much anticipation, it exceeded my expectations.

Innovative Gameplay

Tearaway is about You. Yes, you, the player, and the tiny envelope person with a message for you. The player guides the chosen character—either Iota or Atoi—through a fantastic world constructed entirely from digital construction paper. The goal? Deliver the message, and in the meantime, stop the nasty newspaper Scraps from causing havoc in the paper world.

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New Release: Tearaway

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Media Molecule’s new platformer game, Tearaway, comes out for the PS Vita on November 22nd!

Tearaway is about a tiny messenger (named Iota or Atoi, depending on whether you choose the boy or the girl) who has a message to deliver—to the player! The world of Tearaway is made entirely of paper, but it’s being invaded by villainous little Scraps, and some parts of the world have lost their color. Iota is on a mission to reach the sun and deliver his message. Along the way he’ll defeat scraps, help out his fellow paper-people, and do his best to restore order.

As players guide Iota through the world, they will have the chance to use every part of the Vita to interact with the game. Reviewers are praising the way that Tearaway is suited for the platform—it’s a must-have for Vita owners, and a relentlessly charming addition to any game collection.

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Gamespot – 8

IGN – 9.3

Polygon – 9.5