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Hearthstone Popularity Explained: How Hearthstone Dominates Digital Card Games

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Hearthstone popularity is a mystery to some. The game is absolutely killing it in the collectible card game market.

According to SuperData, an analyst firm, Blizzard is pulling in $20 million a month from Hearthstone, its digital collectible card game (CCG). While the PC version of Hearthstone used to be the most popular, it’s now being dominated by the mobile version. The mobile version brings in more than $10 million a month. Read More

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Board Games are Alive and Well, Thanks in Part to Video Games

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It’s natural to assume that, with the advent of digital games, board games will soon be going the way of the tape cassette. Mobile games are convenient for anyone with a smartphone or tablet, taking up those spare minutes on the bus or at the doctor’s office, but board games are time-consuming and clunky. The average price of an iPhone app is just 19 cents; for Android that number is a measly 6 cents. Yet a board game can run you 50 bucks.

So why are board games still doing so well? Read More