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Gaming With the Moms #32: Focus Machines and Distraction Machines (With Greg Toppo)

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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined by Greg Toppo, USA Today’s national education writer and the author of the fabulous book “The Game Believes in You.”  We talk about gaming news, Greg’s book about games and learning, and what we played. Hey, Overcast listeners! Recommend us if you have a minute, would you?

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9 Legend of Zelda Characters That Deserve a Spinoff

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Nintendo doesn’t release original new content very often. Most of its games are sequels, remakes, or spinoffs of pre-existing IP (intellectual property).

Sometimes, this is awesome. Other times, it gets…well, a little annoying.

As long as we’re making spinoffs, though, I have some suggestions for Nintendo. Here are nine characters from The Legend of Zelda who deserve to star in their own game. Read More