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Zoombinis Review

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Platforms: iPad, Android tablet (coming soon to Mac, PC, and Kindle Fire)
We Played On: iPad

Zoombinis is a family-friendly game that has you guiding a fleet of adorable blue creatures through tricky environmental puzzles. The game is a rerelease of the 90s classic The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, which was (full disclosure) one of my favorite games of all time. I’m thrilled to report that the rerelease is wonderful. It fully captures the character of the original while providing many of the handy updates we expect from modern games. And if you’re an instructor, check out this educational pamphlet written by two of the game’s developers. Read More

divide by sheep

Divide By Sheep Makes Math Morbidly Fun

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From its opening cutscene, you know Divide By Sheep isn’t a boring, old, or ordinary math game. Turns out the Grim Reaper is lonely and wants some of the cute, cuddly animals above him to come down and be his pets. In order to stop him, you must move sheep and other animals between islands, occasionally knocking some into the water or even slicing them up into bits. Your goal is to get specific numbers of animals onto a raft where they can be taken to safety away from the Reaper’s bony hands. Read More

7 iPad Games the Family Can Play Together on the Same Screen

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Many iPad games use wireless technology to enable co-op gameplay across multiple nearby devices (including iPhone and iPad touch), but it’s also great to have games to play together on a single screen. While some games might have family members alternating turns and passing the device around, there are thankfully also games that eliminate the waiting. Read More