8 Reasons Kids with Autism Should Play Games

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This article originally appeared on LearningWorksForKids.com, a site dedicated to talking about games and technology in relation to “alternative learners,” which includes kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism, and ADHD. We’re excited to have a relationship with LearningWorks For Kids where we will be cross-posting articles and supporting each other in emphasizing the positive aspects of gaming and technology. In this post, Dr. Randy Kulman talks about how gaming can help kids with autism.

There have been a number of reports over the past year that express concern about whether or not children with autism should play video games. These studies have indicated that children on the autism spectrum tend to become overly engaged in video game play and sometimes display other problematic behaviors, such as inattention or obsession—particularly with roleplaying games. While these studies suggest caution and effective limit-setting on video game play for children with autism, there is much proof that playing video games can be extremely beneficial for children with mild symptoms of autism. We’ve compiled eight ways children with autism can benefit from playing video games. Read More

Tablets in the Classroom: Friend or Foe?

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School districts across the nation are passing resolutions and funding to add tablets, such as iPads, to school curricula. Recently, my children’s own district voted all students in third grade and above will be given iPads by the district for use in school and to take home. As a self-proclaimed tech parent, I was thrilled! I am excited to see how the teachers incorporate the iPads into their lesson plans and how this technology can help my kids learn. But I will also admit I am a little worried!

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