Lightneer Launches as Angry Birds Cuts Its Education Division

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“The world caught us off-guard,” says the website of game startup Lightneer. Lightneer is the new learning-game company founded just as Angry Birds developer Rovio restructured. The comment refers to the fast pace of change in the game industry, but it sounds as if it could also refer to Rovio’s decision to close down its education division and cut more than 200 jobs. Read More

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New Research Says Action Games Have More Cognitive Benefits Than “Brain Games”

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A recent research report implies that if you’re looking for cognitive benefits, you might want to put down your brain game in favor of a good old-fashioned action video game.

We already know that some kinds of video games can help cognitive function. And in the past few years, games like the Lumosity series have been marketed with the specific goal of making you smarter or improving your memory. But until now, no one has compared these games to other types of video games. In this study, the researchers did just that, and the action game genre won.  Read More