Accessibility Jam

If It Were Any Other Media, It Would Be Illegal: Founders of Accessibility Jam on Disabilities in Gaming

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Get Connected Gamer Profile 2Last week, I told you about Accessibility Jam, a three-week game jam focused on spreading the word about how easy it is to make games playable for gamers with special needs. Simple additions like subtitles or difficulty options  can widen a game’s audience and make a big difference in the lives of gamers everywhere.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview two of the founders of Accessibility Jam, Ian Hamilton and Jonard La Rosa. Ian works as an accessibility specialist and UX designer, and Jonard is an artist and game creator. Read below to learn more about how their careers have progressed, why their work is important, and what advice they have for parents. Read More

Accessibility Jam

What Accessibility Jam is Doing to Help Disabled Gamers and Why It Matters

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On May 11th, gamers around the world kicked off Accessibility Jam, a three-week game jam all about accessibility. (If you aren’t sure what a game jam is, check out this article first.) The jam’s objective is to increase awareness about accessible game design, and to teach developers just how simple it is to make a big difference in the lives of gamers everywhere. “Over 20% of gamers have some form of impairment that can affect gameplay,” their website explains, “but they are often unnecessarily and unknowingly locked out by developers.” As consumers of media, it’s important that we do what we can do support creators that are inclusive, so that as many people as possible can share in the positive benefits of gaming. Read More