Does Your Daughter Want to Make Games? Women in Game Development Have Some Advice

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In the past couple of months, the video game industry has been a hostile environment for women. Those who criticize the medium for its flaws and injustices, such as feminist vlogger Anita Sarkeesian, have been intensely harassed and threatened simply for having an opinion. Women working in the industry have not been exempt from the deluge of abuse either. Indie developer Zoe Quinn, for instance, has been on the receiving end of vicious online attacks after her ex-boyfriend posted a verbose blog entry in which he accused Quinn of garnering press for her game Depression Quest by having a relationship with a journalist. Read More

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Industry Insights: How Screen Time Helped Me in School

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This article is part of our ongoing Industry Insights series where parents who work in the video game industry share their personal stories. This entry comes to us from Mike Mika, who is also known as “Donkey Kong Dad” because he hacked the classic arcade game at his daughter’s request so she could play as the female character rather than Mario. Mike is currently the Chief Creative Officer at independent developer, Other Ocean Interactive.

As a volunteer on the tech subcommittee for the PTA at my son’s school, I have come face-to-face with the reality that there continues to be unreasonable fear of “screen time” and its effects on young children. By authorizing the purchase of tablets for kindergarten class, our subcommittee unleashed a firestorm of criticism. During the discussion, while the other members of the PTA debated about whether “screen time is appropriate for kids that young,” I tuned out because I was recollecting the impact of technology and gaming on my life. Read More