5 Kid-Safe Games to Celebrate Halloween

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Halloween is the ultimate kid holiday. Not only is it a day where dressing up as a favorite character is strongly encouraged, but neighbors are also willing to give away free candy for the mere action of knocking on the door. When done right, Halloween can be a fantastical holiday filled with spooky activities, decorations, and stories. Read More

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Games Like Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls is a wildly popular cartoon about twin siblings, Mabel and Dipper Pines, who spend a summer with their Grunkel Stan in a rural Oregon town. The show is quirky, but it can also be pretty heartfelt at times. Dipper and Mabel’s makeshift family has to contend with Gravity Falls’ peculiar paranormal weirdness, like zombies, gnomes, and living wax sculptures. Of course there’s also the usual adolescent problems—crushes, befriending older teens, and sibling rivalry. Although it’s mostly a kid’s show, lots of teenagers also enjoy Gravity Falls. (I fell in love with it at 25.)

I’ve collected a list of games that remind me of Gravity Falls, so when you or your kids are waiting for a new episode, you’ll have something to tide you over.
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