Family Gaming Memories: NES, Chess, and More With Dad

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“You’re holding it wrong, Dad! Here’s how it’s supposed to be. Like this!”

I grasped the NES controller firmly in the air in front of me, mashing my thumbs up and down on the buttons in a vigorous demonstration of what I—and what I imagine most kids at the time—deemed the “proper” way of playing Nintendo. On the screen, a tiny pixilated plumber bounced up and down in response, doing a funky little dance before head-butting a brick block into smithereens. Read More

Family Gaming Memories: Retro Moments with Dad

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My father was a computer programmer for a large pharmaceutical company from the early 70s until the mid-80s. I vividly recall him bringing home large stacks of punch cards in his briefcase and being fascinated when I was told that these odd-looking cards contained “information.” Even at the wizened old age of 6 I found this rather improbable. What kind of information could be stored on these rectangular, manila cards that were riddled with holes? All of it made little sense to me. Read More