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Violent Video Games Evoke Guilt and Sympathy in Players

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You’ve heard it all before: playing violent video games leads to violent behavior. Violent video games are bad for you. The same narrative gets repeated over and over, especially when something terrible happens in the world. There is probably some truth to all sides of the violence argument. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) was instituted in 1994 after early versions of Mortal Kombat caught the attention of legislators. Read More

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(Emotionally) Mature Games: How Jenova Chen Redefined Video Games

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Last week at the 11th Annual Games for Change Festival in New York City, game creator Jenova Chen spoke in a panel called “Blank Canvas: Designing a New Era of Emotional Storytelling Through Games.” Chen’s studio Thatgamecompany is responsible for the award-winning game Journey, which staggered audiences with its enormous emotional capacity. In his talk, Chen outlined the three key factors he aims to include in his games and why they matter. Read More

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3 Games That Will Increase Your Emotional IQ

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Most parents are aware that games can be used as educational tools, but many still don’t realize that games are instruments for promoting social responsibility, empathy, and justice.

These important aspects of games are nurtured by a great organization called Games for Change (G4C). Every year G4C produces a conference called the Games for Change Festival. All the big players in the games-for-change world gather to further an awesome misson: “facilitating the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.”

Wednesday night was the awards ceremony, and here are the three winners: Read More