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Killing Baby Animals and Other Things No Kid Should Be Asked To Do

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We talk a lot about what makes kids games good. Today, I’m going to tell you about something that can make a kid’s game very bad: emotional manipulation via imperiled baby animals. In other words, making kids feel guilty for failing to rescue digital animals from imaginary doom.

There are a ton of these games on the market right now, and boy do they make me mad.  Read More

Ninja Pizza Girl demo

The Scariest Enemies in NInja Pizza Girl Are Other Teenagers

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Ninja Pizza Girl is a game inspired by, well, a real life ninja pizza girl. Or at least a pizza girl. The game came about after Jason Stark’s teenage daughter, Alia, started telling him stories about her pizza delivery job.

More interesting, though, is how Alia’s insights came into play when Stark was trying to design the game. He originally came up with an idea for bad-guy robots, which met with some lukewarm reception from his wife and four daughters.

“Robots aren’t scary, Dad.” Read More