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ESA and AIAS Announce Winners for Into the Pixel

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Every year there’s a little bit of space in the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 is happening. This little space is an art gallery that features pieces of art from throughout the gaming industry. The art on display is a mixture of actual in-game art and 2D concept art. The event is called Into the Pixel and it’s sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Read More

art academy home studio

[Review] Art Academy: Home Studio

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If you’re looking for some kind of rollicking adventure through the arts, Art Academy is not it. In fact, I’d liken it more to a textbook. It looks like a game from the outside, but it has no typical game mechanics. Not even gamification-style trappings like being rewarded stars or gaining power levels. Played on the Wii U (with a GamePad), Art Academy does have an animated little guy that gives you instructions. It’s something in between a game and a training tool.

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