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Kids & Video Games: 3 Ideas To Help You Feel Better About Your Kids and Screens

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Last night, I did a webinar with Amy Lang of MamaCon and Birds+Bees+Kids. It was all about screen time for kids. One reason we wanted to tackle this topic is that we think a lot of parents are confused about screen time for kids and sometimes (or often) feel guilty about letting their kids spend too much time in front of screens. Here’s what we talked about in the webinar. I’ve included a bunch of links to help you learn more about this important topic—and feel more empowered and way less guilty. Read More

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[Interview] Randy Kulman, PhD, Founder of LearningWorks for Kids

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Dr. Randy Kulman is a scientist who understands the educational value of video games and other technology. He founded a company called LearningWorks for Kids, “an online platform for informing and instructing parents on how to enrich and enhance their kids’ digital play time.” Dr. Kulman thinks that video games can help kids learn—especially those kids who are alternative learners. In between running a company, doing research, writing books (“Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions” and “Playing Smarter in a Digital World”), consulting, and participating in our advisory panel, Dr. Kulman found time to answer our questions about video games and learning. Read More

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APA Says Video Games Are Beneficial

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Did you know that earlier this year the world’s largest organization of psychologists recognized video games can be good for you? In January 2014, the American Psychological Association (APA) published a paper outlining the benefits of playing video games. This paper, called “The Benefits of Video Games,” and authored by Granic, Lobel, and Engles, is part of a growing body of scientific literature investigating the benefits of gaming. This paper is exciting and validating for gamers, friends and families of gamers, and those conducting video game research. Since papers like this can be difficult for non-professionals to digest, I decided to explain the findings using terms and examples anyone can understand. Read More

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[Interview] “Would Ash Ketchum Give Up?” How Psychologist Kelli Dunlap Uses Video Games To Reach Kids

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I first heard Kelli Dunlap speak at PAX Prime 2014 in the panel “Giving Through Gaming: Making the World a Better Place,” and her stories blew me away! Here’s a PhD who happens to be a knowledgeable and avid gamer and who has used her gaming experience to help her clients in some amazing ways.

She says she first became interested in the interaction between video games and mental health while studying psychology as an undergraduate.  She graduated with her Bachelor’s in psychology from American University and then pursued her doctorate in clinical psychology. Her doctoral dissertation is titled, “Mediating Factors in the Relationship Between Video Games and Mental Health.”  Read More