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“Mean Girls” Author Talks About Gaming Teens

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Rosalind Wiseman, probably best known for the book that inspired “Mean Girls,” also happens to be a dedicated teacher and activist. Wiseman talked about a recent study she and a team of researchers did with Charlie Hall at Polygon earlier this week. The original survey was fairly small, but it found some interesting results. A thousand teenagers were surveyed, and it turns out that girls want to play as female characters. We already figured that, but the interesting part was that only 39% of boys preferred to play as male characters, compared to the 60% of girls that preferred to play as female characters. It’s a statistically relevant finding.  Girls evidently care more about playing as women than boys do about playing as men.
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Play With Me Please! 10 Great Tips for Gaming With Teens

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When I was a kid, my siblings and I would enthusiastically gather around my dad’s computer to watch him kill orcs in Warcraft I. We would cheer him on, give him advice, and point out treasures he’d missed. When I was a little older, he taught me how to play, and I was defeating armies of slime by age 8. We played together through Warcraft II, III, and the expansion packs, and finally started in on World of Warcraft, the MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game). Read More