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Coding for Kids: 4 Ways to Introduce Kids to Coding

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As you read this, you’re staring at words placed strategically on the screen of a digital device using lines and lines of computer code. In order for you to read these words on a magical Wi-Fi wonder device, a team of engineers had to sit down and figure out what they wanted the device to do. They had to work through the multiple ways they would go about designing and implementing the application. Using problem-solving, innovation, and hard math and computer science, engineers had to create vast amounts of software. Software is used in everything from the cars we drive to the phone games we play while waiting in line. Read More

AP Computer Science Enrollment

College Board Releases New Statistics For Computer Science Education

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Enrollment in AP Computer Science classes continues to rise for the fifth year in a row. And, according to the College Board, it’s the fastest-growing AP class in the country.

Only 5% of United States schools offer AP Computer Science. The College Board is hoping to change this, through partnerships with and the National Science Foundation. A new AP course, called Computer Science Principles, will debut in fall of 2016.
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