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Kid-friendly Puppet Game Theatre Tales Coming to Switch

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Theatre Tales is an interactive puppet show game designed to be playable by kids as young as pre-school. It’s coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 24, with an easy price tag of $1.49.

“Our parents often read us bedtime stories or showed us pictures in books,” states the store page. “We have recreated this magical world of fairy tales and fables in Theatre Tales.”

Theatre Tales lets young kids play with puppets in classic fairy tale stories, such as Red Riding Hood. It features mini games as well as a free play mode where kids are free to make their own stories with the digital puppets. The controls are designed to be easy and intuitive for younger players.

Theatre Tales is developed by Polish studio Baked Games and published by Ultimate Games on Nintendo Switch. It’s rated E for Everyone. They previously published another kid-friendly game on Switch, Little Shopping. These kids games are also available on mobile devices.

little shopping

Little Shopping Helps Teach Preschoolers Counting Skills on Switch

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While many games on the Switch are kid-friendly, few are explicitly educational, and even fewer aimed at the under six crowd. Little Shopping is a counting game for toddlers and preschoolers to teach and foster counting skills. It’s out today on Switch for $1.49. Best of all, there are no ads or microtransactions.

In Little Shopping, your preschooler can shop at four different kid-friendly stores, such as grocery, pet, and toy. They have a shopping list to identify which products they need to buy. Then they’ll need to pay the appropriate amount in coins. The touch screen controls let your little one drag the items they or coins they need.

Using coins for counting is a tool that kids will learn throughout their early years in Kindergarten and first grade.

Little Shopping was developed by Polish company Baked Games and published by Ultimate Games S.A., a Polish producer best known for Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Baked Games has developed a number of kid-friendly mobile titles, including Guess Word, Theater Tales, and Pet Care.

Little Shopping is available today on Switch. It’s also available on the Polish App Store and Google Play digital mobile stores. Naturally, it’s rated E for Everyone.