Family Gaming Memories: NES, Chess, and More With Dad

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“You’re holding it wrong, Dad! Here’s how it’s supposed to be. Like this!”

I grasped the NES controller firmly in the air in front of me, mashing my thumbs up and down on the buttons in a vigorous demonstration of what I—and what I imagine most kids at the time—deemed the “proper” way of playing Nintendo. On the screen, a tiny pixilated plumber bounced up and down in response, doing a funky little dance before head-butting a brick block into smithereens. Read More

Age of Empires III

We Grew Up Gaming: An Interview With My Little Brother

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Get Connected Gamer Profile 2The other day I sat down with my little brother to reminisce about the two of us gaming together as kids with our sister Annie. We grew up in a gaming household, and whenever we get together video games always come up in conversation: “What’ve you been playing lately? Did you get the new DLC yet? Remember when we used to play…?” We don’t game much together anymore, since we’re all busy in our adult lives, but I’m sure we’ll get back to it eventually. It’s too hard to stay away. Read More