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[Podcast] Gaming With the Moms #13: Who Let You Come Back?

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We are SO glad to have Nicole back from her grand tour of Ohio and Chicago! She went to her 20th high school reunion in Ohio (NOT her 75th as Courtney said last week). Nicole’s adorable 3-year-old daughter Ana heard Simone’s laugh on last week’s podcast and spontaneously mocked her. “Yes, Simone, you are being made fun of by a 3-year-old.” Read More

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9 Reasons Kids Game So Much and What You Can Do About It

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When I identify myself as an authority on family gaming, the conversation often goes something like this:

Concerned Mom (wrinkled brow, stage whisper): “So, I don’t tell everybody this, but my kid has disappeared in to this game—what’s it called? Some superhero thing.”

Me: “Do you mean League of Legends?”

Concerned Mom: “I think that’s it! I don’t tell anyone this. He’s addicted. I feel like I’ve lost my kid.”

Me: Sigh. Read More