Signs That Gaming Is Stressing Your Kids Out

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Many people say they like gaming because it’s an effective stress-reliever—it’s engaging entertainment that keeps your mind off immediate real-world problems. It’s relaxing and it works as a mood-enhancer for many. Gaming isn’t necessarily any better or worse than reading fantasy novels or other ways to relieve stress. However, there are a few differences between gaming and other stress relievers that might make a huge impact on kids’ stress. Read More


What to Watch Out for When Reading This Infographic

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When it comes to gaming in the classroom, it seems everyone has an opinion. Education reform is always tricky, and it’s very important that, with our children’s futures at stake, all parties get their facts straight.

This game-based learning infographic put together by Online College Courses is useful… to a certain extent. It’s easy to be drawn in by snappy visuals. However, if you look closely at the content of the arguments, you might find them to be a little lacking. Read More

Lego Universe

The Method That Helps Students Learn More

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Since 2003, teachers at the Elisabeth Morrow School in New  Jersey have been combining learning and play to pursue 21st century learning goals.

But what is 21st century learning? Marianne Malmstrom, a technology professor at the Elisabeth Morrow School, has put together a useful report on how she sees 21st century learning and games intersect.

It isn’t just teaching kids how to use technology, she says. Read More

The Failure to Let Kids Fail, and How Gaming Can Help

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One of the many shortcomings of an education based on standardized testing is that it encourages students to fear being wrong. Multiple-choice tests don’t allow originality or give credit for creativity. “There’s a premium on knowing the right answer, being able to fill in the correct oval on a test,” explains Leah Hager Cohen, author of “I Don’t Know: In Praise of Admitting Ignorance (Except When You Shouldn’t).” Read More