Katamari Prince

1. What’s your favorite kind of video game to play with your family?
We tend to like arcade, platform, and strategy games. My oldest son loves sim games and I love trivia/puzzle games. My youngest loves online and tablet games—especially Roblox. Nonviolent fighting games are OK, too!

2. What’s your favorite quality in a male game character? Female game character?
My biggest pet peeve with female characters is overly sexualized dress, manners or behaviors. So if they don’t look like this, then I am A-OK with a character.

3. What kinds of game do you avoid?
I don’t like bloody/violent games.

4. What’s your favorite quality in your gaming buddies (kids or not)?
Mild competitiveness and the desire to sit around in pajamas.

5. What’s your main fault as a gamer?
I can feel guilty at times not enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, so I vacillate between loving and supporting game play and then shouting at everyone to get out of the house already.

6. How has gaming shaped your identity?
I think that games have improved my ability to solve puzzles and to think through actions in a low-stakes way. I see myself and my family members take risks in games that we might not take in real life because there are no real consequences to the actions. It’s fun to challenge yourself in this way.

7. What’s your idea of a miserable gaming experience?
I don’t like overcomplicated, tedious games. So when I come across one that has you completing multiple steps before you can do any one things, I get frustrated. That does not make for a good gaming experience.

8. In which virtual world would you choose to vacation?
I wouldn’t mind checking out the Sonic Colors world.

9. Which game did you find most visually appealing?
Recently? Smash Hit on my tablet. (Mediocre Games)

10. Which game soundtrack would you listen to on repeat?
I don’t have an opinion, but my husband would say Final Fantasy.

11. Which game has your favorite story?
I’ve always loved Katamari Damaci. What a delightfully fun and simple game.

12. Which video game character would you choose to be a hero for your kids?
Leisure Suit Larry. Haha, no.

13. What are your favorite gaming snacks?
Popcorn. Always popcorn.

14. Who’s your favorite video game villain?
Those infernal Pac Man ghosts.

15. Which video game ability/item/superpower would you most like to be gifted with?
I want to be an unlimited coins cheat.

16. What video game character would you pick to cosplay if you had unlimited time and resources?
Lt. Ripley

17. Most interesting way you’ve ever died in a video game?
I usually power off right before I bite it, thus feeling a sense of short-lived superiority over my gaming machine.