Ellie bow and arrow banner

1. What’s your favorite kind of video game to play with your family?
Any of the Lego games or a platformer

3. What kinds of game do you avoid?
Shooters without much of a storyline.

5. What’s your main fault as a gamer?
Getting nervous and panicking definitely leads to many mistakes being made.

8. In which virtual world would you choose to vacation?

10. Which game soundtrack would you listen to on repeat?
The Last of Us

11. Which game has your favorite story?
I think the storytelling done in The Last of Us was brilliant, but I’m also very attached to the story of the Mass Effect series. I’ve never been so attached to a group of videogame characters as I was while playing ME. So, I’d have to call it a tie.

15. Which videogame ability/item/superpower would you most like to be gifted with?
I’ve always been a big fan of the bow and arrow, so probably Link‘s bow.

16. What videogame character would you pick to cosplay if you had unlimited time and resources?
Zelda–I’ve never cosplayed before, and I feel like she’s a classic character that I should cosplay as at least once.