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1. What’s your favorite kind of video game to play with your kid?
The puzzle games like Portal. My kid is good at those and I’m not. He helps me.

2. What’s your favorite quality in a male game character? Female game character?
Male: A good, wry sense of humor. Female: The ability to kick ass. And a good, wry sense of humor.

3. What game is your kid not ready for yet? (What do you look out for to know if a game is too scary for your son/daughter?)
My kids are grown up and there are games I’ll never be ready for that they play. Like I can’t handle Call of Duty. Too scary. And Dark Souls is too hard for me. Way too hard.

4. What’s your favorite quality in your gaming buddies?
I like it when they gently point out that I’ve missed something rather than laugh me out of the room.

5. What’s your main fault as a gamer?
I get tired easily so sometimes it takes me months to complete a game—it’s like eating a wedding cake one tiny bite per day.

6. How has gaming shaped your identity?
It made me more interested in trying out different roles—being a man, being a monster, being a cute little animal.

7. What’s your idea of a miserable gaming experience?
Working really hard on a platforming task that is really beyond me and finally having to give up and ask my son to get me through that part.

8. In which virtual world would you choose to vacation?
Definitely NOT Portal’s—it’s too scary. I think I’d choose World of Warcraft for its variety of landscapes and creatures.

9. Which game did you find most visually appealing??
I love Assassin’s Creed.

10. Which game soundtrack would you listen to on repeat?
Any Assassin’s Creed game.

11. Which game has your favorite story?
Despite the darkness, it’s Portal 2. I love the characters and the story arc.

12. Which video game character would you choose to be a hero for your kids?
I think I’d choose Chell from Portal. She never gives up or gives in to bullying.

13. What are your favorite gaming snacks?
Bananas. Definitely bananas.

14. What’s your favorite video game villain?
GLADOS in Portal 1 and Portal 2. Her voice is horrible and thrilling at the same time, and there is nothing like beating her.

15. Which video game ability/item/superpower would you most like to be gifted with?
Probably teleportation. Or maybe flying on a Griffin-type creature or blue dragon. Or maybe the ability to change my hairstyle, body type, and dress at will.

16. What video game character would you pick to cosplay if you had unlimited time and resources?
Ezio in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

17. Most interesting way you’ve ever died in a video game?
Probably getting stuck in a wall in World of Warcraft and being unable to get out without help from a GM.