Losing Your Kids to Video Games?

Connect with your teen. Rebuild your relationship.

“I too thought my kid played excessively…I was really worried about it for a while. And then, almost out of desperation, I started asking him a lot of questions about it.”

– Linda Breneman, Founder of Pixelkin

Wish Your Kids Would Spend Less Time Playing Games?

If it seems like your teen does nothing but play games all day, you may feel like you’re losing out on precious time to spend together. You might even feel like you can’t talk about anything, and that you’re growing further and further apart. You’re not alone. Whether you like it or not, studies show that 97 percent of kids in the U.S. play video games, so lots of parents feel the same way you do.

The best thing you can do as a parent is to educate yourself about specific games your kids are interested in and talk to them about the games they play. Games may feel like a foreign language to you, but you might be surprised at your teen’s reaction if you ask him or her to teach you how to play. Even if you’re not ready to leap into the deep end of that pool, being able to talk meaningfully about the content in games may give you a chance to get your teen to talk to you. If you’re willing to take that small step, we think you’ll be surprised at what you might discover.

Pixelkin offers…

  • heartwarming stories of how games brought kids and parents together
  • advice on how to start a conversation with your kids
  • a safe, welcoming place where parents can get nonjudgmental, expert advice
  • information on how to start playing games yourself
  • game reviews from a parent’s perspective
  • a huge database of video game information
  • new perspectives on games from other parents

  Use Video Games to Your Advantage

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 Educating Yourself Is the Best Thing You Can Do

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Connect With Your Kids

Video games are much like any other hobby or interest your kids have. By taking the time to learn about and talk about the games your kids play, you’ll be showing them that you care about the things they enjoy. At Pixelkin, we believe that games have the power to strengthen relationships by bringing kids and parents together.

Sift Through All the Confusing Information

Video games are often a polarizing subject for parents. Most parents are concerned about screentime. And there’s conflicting information out there about video games. It’s hard to find information that’s relevant to your family and your kids. At Pixelkin, we’re focused on giving you comprehensive, objective information that breaks through all the clutter.

Make the Best Decisions

By educating yourself,  you’ll prepare yourself to decide which games your kids can play. Having the knowledge to back up your choices gives you the opportunity to describe your reasoning to your kids in a language they understand. At Pixelkin, we give you the tools to become fluent in the language of games.

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